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"Mauro Baschirotto" Rare Diseases Association

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___________________________________________________ How To Help Us

You can help us in the following ways:

By putting patients and families with the same pathology in contact with each other. People with rare diseases often find themselves in situations of loneliness and isolation.
This makes it possible to form help and self-help groups in order to give valuable support to those who are struggling with severe and disabling diseases.

Raising public awareness on the problems of rare diseases. The Mauro Baschirotto Rare Diseases Association and the European Research Institute B.I.R.D. Onlus have organized and are organizing in various parts of Italy, with the help of doctors, volunteers, families, municipal administrators, and U.L.S.S events, workshops and meetings in order to spread more and more knowledge of these pathologies defined as "rare".

By sharing the "Notebooks on Rare Diseases" and in particular "Una Vita Impossibile" (P. Cargiolli) and "La Speranza è un Fiore di Campo" (F. Boni), which can be received at home by paying a contribution of 15 Euros, including shipping fees, on current account no. 17000365 of the Mauro Baschirotto Rare Diseases Association, indicating the title of the book in the reason for payment.

By making donations to the Association and the B.I.R.D. Onlus to support information, updating, diagnostic and therapeutic research activities in the field of rare diseases. The payments may be targeted for the purchase of equipment and machinery or to support young researchers. By way of receipt, a certificate of contribution will be issued, deductible for tax purposes.

Deductible donations can be made by bank transfer / postal order or through the donation of 5 per thousand:

  • Postal account n. 17000365
  • Bank account at “Unicredit Terni” IT 19 F 02008 14411 000104535697


Associazione Malattie Rare Associazione Malattie Rare "Mauro Baschirotto"
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