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"Mauro Baschirotto" Rare Diseases Association

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The "Mauro Baschirotto" Association and the Foundation for Rare Diseases founded the B.I.R.D. Europe Institute.

The Institute is mainly a reference for rare and/or genetic diseases. It actually enriches the panorama of care responses that are currently offered for the diagnosis and treatment of these pathologies.

The social impact of rare diseases is far from negligible. These diseases almost always cause serious damage to the patient. In addition, the number of people affected is significant. Rare diseases often have a high concentration in certain geographical areas or within certain populations.

To date, medicine has not been able to provide satisfactory treatments and therapies (often not even diagnoses) for these tragic conditions. The Institute’s policy is to acquire more in-depth knowledge on the subject, as well as to develop reliable diagnostic methods and tools, effective drugs and appropriate therapies for each pathology.

The Institute also plays an important role of scientific support to universities and private bodies, through conventions and collaborations concerning diagnostics and research. The Institute has thus identified two major areas of activity supported by the Administration, the Office of Public Relations and training activities:

  1. Medical Genetics Laboratories for the Diagnosis and Research on Rare Diseases
  2. Clinical area - Rehabilitation
  3. Village of Hope


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